Difference between success and failure

December 29, 2005
– الناجح جزء من الحل .. أما ال?اشل هو جزء من المشكلة .

– الناجح لديه خطة وبرنامج – أما ال?اشل ?لديه تبريرات .

– يقول الناجح دعني أقوم بالعمل – أما ال?اشل يقول هذا ليس عملي .

– يقول الناجح يبدو الأمر صعبا ولكنه ممكن – أما ال?اشل يقول يمكن أن يكون الأمر ممكنا ولكنه يبدو صعباً للغاية .

– الناجح يرى حلا لكل مشكلة – أما ال?اشل يرى مشكلة ?ي كل حل .

The most wealthy business in the world

December 21, 2005

In the name of Allah

The most wealthy business in the whole world is

Communication & Transport

communication.jpg & ship.jpg

As most of us know the most wealthy business will be the most vital one and the most wanted one

Communication which include all new technologies in this field as example not as counting phones ,mobile phones , internet , LANs ,WANs ,VPNs and IP Telephone

At brief all streams that it flow in wires or cables and also all waves which fly around us

Transport is vital to all people it vary from small to large and from near to far

All transport business is make wealth as local transportations , world transportations or commodity transporting

Good luck All

Safe Browsing

December 19, 2005

If you wish safe browsing you should use opera , firefox or mozilla


I love natural wallpapers

December 15, 2005

Google Map Where is Nile Dammietta branch??

December 13, 2005

In the name of Allah
When I see the map of Egypt I notice that there is no Nile Dammietta branch in the map
but it’s exist it in the satellite photos

These are the photos from Google site
It follows the Google local term of use

This is the nile from the map with out Dammietta branch

Nile zoom11

Nile zoom 10

Nile zoom 9

And this is Google satalite which shows the nile branch the images

Egyptian people’s council election

December 12, 2005

Egyptian people’s council election
These are some photos from the election
and there is a vedio file

انتخابات مجلس الشعب المصري
هذه بعض الصور من دورة الإعادة ويوجد مل? ?يديو أيضا







The vedio file مل? ال?يديو

Ajax your first simple example

December 11, 2005

Ajax first example retrive data from plain text

As I speak about ajax in a last post
We will discuss now the methodolgy of Ajax and how to make your first Ajax example
Ajax heavily depend in client side script thus our example will make it simple step we will make an example retrieving data from plain text
Client Side
the steps in programatically writing
1- Initialize XMLHttpRequest
2- Waiting the ready state
3- Write the desired code to be applied which update your page inside
4- Open and send the XMLHttpRequest

1- Initialize XMLHttpRequest
var xmlHttpReq ;
//for Microsoft Internet Explorer
if (window.ActiveXObject) {
xmlHttpReq = new ActiveXObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”);}
//for Firefox,Mozilla and Netscape etc
else if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
xmlHttpReq = new XMLHttpRequest();}
//browser didn’t support xmlHttpRequest
{ return; }
2- Waiting the ready state
xmlHttpReq.onreadystatechange = function()
{ if (xmlHttpReq.readyState == 4)
{//your code goes here
//update the inner html in step 3 } }
3- Write the code which apply your page
// target is the id of target div
document.getElementById (“target”).innerHTML = xmlHttpReq. responseText;

4- open the the xmlHttpRequest
xmlHttpReq.open (‘GET’, replystream, true);
xmlHttpReq.send (”);

Server Side
In server side the response can be text or xml
If it is text you can insert it directly into your code
If it was XML you need to select what you need from the XML to insert into the page
Another important point that the server can response in dynamic or static way
Dynamic like PHP , JSP or ASP which reflects the type of xmlHttpRequest open(GET or POST )
And the parameters which will be passed to the server side script
The current example is at static plain text

See the Example

Download the Source Code