Application & portablity

September 27, 2006

Potable applications is a desire for All of us
Your flash in your pocket instead of your laptop in your shoulder
To have the best nice of Potable App
Download firefox portable and install your favorite extentions
session saver , Down Them All,ShowIP
I install AbiWordPortable to edit my documents
I install VLCPortable for display videos
I recommend you to install Thunderbird Portable with GPG and Enigmail
Then have fun your flash is your laptop

Google spreadsheet and Google Writley Vs Zoho Writer

September 25, 2006

In The name Of Allah
Google now has made a big step in integrating writley  with its complete system
and of course finished the importing dot net to mono framework
But writely in not as good as  google spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet is wonderful I wish to writley future to be like spreadsheet

Zoho writer is better in more features in google writely

I really Depend on  google spreadsheet to save and browse my spreadsheets

Spread Sheet Link


Zoho Writer 

Try them its really wondefull