In the name of Allah

My name is Ibrahim Hamza

I am graduated from software engineering faculty

Here is more information about me

Personal information

I was born in Friday 2 December 1983 at 11pm
twenty two years old when I write these words
I have one brother younger than me

How I love computer ?

After I finished preparation school with score high score,
I take a computer course
that course is basicly DOS but it has good basis about file system and operating system concept, Hence I loved computer so much

Thanks for our teacher who made her best to make us love computer

I still read DOS books and references I know almost all of its commands

When I enter the secondary school I started programming with basic

We also take entrance course in dbase

My dream with college

In this period I was read almost all computer magazines and newspaper computer specialized pages
I know that there is a new faculty in computer field was opened then I decided to enter it
I finished the secondary school with score 96% I entered my lovely college It was as in my dreams 🙂

My real life in college

Really my college has good staff and good subject
and i found soo good friends cooperative as they are new to bureaucracy

In the academic study
We take a lot of good courses for example
Programming concept and practical courses
Software Engineering courses
Database concept courses
Network concepts
Hardware concepts
Image and graphic courses
We also worked with variety of programming languages and tools
for example (ALPHABETICALLY)
C & C++
Power Builder
SQL Server

Graduation and post graduation

I was graduated from my lovely college

There are some photo from my gradtaion part here  


I thank Allah so much for granting and guiding me .

After I finished faculty I start to prepare for master
I wish you are happy like me
Praise be to Allah

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  1. syaiful says:

    Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbr.

    Kunjungan perdana dari Indonesia, Riau Pekanbaru

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